Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Spell Love, Horns 2 Sound, Horns On A Goat

Feel the Love: Love and wars, gods of war, month of March, Roman Sun, battles won. Kings that rules, bastard born, boys with different mothers, frogs and fools,born every day. Monkeys that swing, monkeys that hang, nailed for last time Jesus Christ, Steven Jarrot, Jewish rites, dances in the rain, dances in the dark. Bumps on paths taken, rocks, and stone factors. Classes  on beaches on sands of time, rats racing, horse and pony shows daily.

Love and hate horns on a goat, notes from the " The Vikings", and the wise old women of the 9th and the 10th century, and a movie that I enjoyed with laughter out loud, for the tricks on the brothers from another mother, and the secrets kept until the death of the father and the brother, and the gifts of time and space to learn a few more lessons, to share and to extend into the gifts given daily with the smiles and the notes of happiness for the gift of another daze on the right side of the grave. Graves to you and graves to me, and the bumps in the road, and the pits in the bowls of cherries, gifts of tales and stories of the good times, and the funny animals out in play, for the gold pots today. Happy and gay, happy and delighted for the time and the space to share a tale of love and devotion, and the gifts of words to tell the tales again for the fun of it. 

Worry no more, ways to go, books to read, "Worry No More!", pages to turn, how to move on. Tips and tales to make the moves, worries not needed, joys and pains, bumps in the roads, to believe in you, to believe in me, tales to share. Micheal Jackson, works, his works to live forever, always a way to see the lights of day, hills and valleys to cross, on the roads to greatness, pages of luck.  Books and more pages of games, games in love and hate, battles and wars, noting to worry about. Goats and sheep, snakes and frogs, tricks and trades, ways to live, paths to greatness, detours, and pals that did not last. Hopes and prey, veterans, and females lost and homeless, with the men, no place to go. 

Times to take a minute, jokes and laugh, not for the poor, cheap tricks to live long. Plenty of fish to the seas, cows and buffalo shows, good times, jokes and laughs, dances on water. Horse and pony shows, rats racing, fish to fry, burgers and cheese, good works,... Pieces of a Dream: Love and Hate, Goats And Cows, Sheep To Feed, Daily Chores.

Seven snakes, Steven Jarrot, Full Deck?7608512267... Love my gems, notes to share, minds open in exchange, dream to share, hopes and wishes, for more and better. Lovers and haters, life as one once, diamonds in the sky, love my gems, words to share. Third party, third period, in another life, pages to turn, not ready to go back wards, moving on. March to madness, march to win, songs to write, tales to be told.  Faces to see, seven snakes, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267- notes to take, classes on the sands of time.

Books to write. Birds and bees, songs to sing, birds in the air, gifts to share.....
Family Affairs, Donkeys in the fields, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, Sima and Charles R., and Rachel Jarrot. Snakes and Worms. Once on the beach, fish and frogs, on the sands of time, angels and messagers from the heavens, good luck from the seas. Tales of girls lost, broken and alone, in a land of dreams. Snakes and worms came out to play, games with hard knocks, back to the beach, for classes on love and hate, tricks and hats, hair and halo, hard to say. Bend and twisted, frogs and snakes, hats of the Jewish Races, Red Moons, Blue Starrs, Monkeys to see, races to run, good times, and tales of joys and pains, bumps in the road. Monkeys to dance around the mulberry trees, the dogwood trees, games in the woods. 

Blue dreams, blue oceans, rides on the seven seas, rocks and rolls, over the rocks under the waves, good times to cheer. Dreams and wishes, hopes and prayers in the air, battles to win,  fires of heat. Tales of love and hate, time to get down, writing more stories of the stones that were toss, frogs and snakes left to bake in the sun. Happy and delighted with days on the sunny side of the moon, dates to set with the giants on land, giants on the earth, giants to sail the seven seas. Captions and sailers, ships to sail, glory dazes again.

Happy and gay for a life time to share with dream lovers, faithful, honesty and truthful, bend, twisted, and tainted to share all the time. Ready for the big bang, the dead day for the dammed......

Image result for jarrot jewish white stars 2014

Follow the Bright Stars Shining Stars Hills and valley go up and down. Rocks beneath the surface slow you down. On trails during the paths taken, you choose. Paths alone your journey or life, you choose. Friends come to lend a hand. Name calling and put downs are never needed. Broken, hurt, and crying for the losses. Hanging on cross, is not a forever thing, thank God. Days are longer without plans, noticeable also? Plans made yours, or others wishes? Hope, wishes, prayers, desires are all equal. Dreams cover plans, not goals while sleeping. Differences dreams last longer, not plans or goals, pieces of a dream in action.... more »

Hell on Earth :Jewish White-Stars : Gifts of charms and grace of cattle, bison, and butches, that party and play all the dazes done on the beach, for the tricks and the trades, good looks rewards for lack of brains, and have tickets to plane instead of a working brain, no sense to have a brain to sit on daily. What a shame...Okay , great day to be alive and on the right side of the grave, a good day always for me, how about you? Time to remove the mask, or get lost in the mixed, and it is always about control, of course. Email address exchange time, and more details to build the house on sand? Ready to purchase a house, have cash ready to place for down payment, but my credit does not fly yet. Waiting for a true blue kind of day for the knights to shine in the lights of dazes at the end of the rainbows. Angels to share the corrections to mistakes, lessons learned, time to race on the beaches of time, like the horses racing for the water to drink, good times to smile for the lessons. 

Here is the notice I received on events that started at the beginning of May 2013. Steven Jay Jarrot 7608512267-of Anyway Transportation at locations in RV, alone the shores of the beaches in California,, as he searches for prey now as always, in La Quinta ,CA  7603601613-lives with his mother of 95 years old. Stole from her just like son Charley, to steal from his old Jewish Grandmother, Sima Jarrot, the kid also stole cash out of bank, as well as more cash,  with $160K out of Daddy's Account when just 14 years old. Have been very sad about this, and to have loss my tablet to a guy getting over script drugs, and now he wanted to point fingers at someone else for his behavior. 

Just one case that tells the stories of the bumps in the road, and the blame game that is being played with the fruits and nuts, that party and play every day for the dicks to suck and the pussy to lick, taking turns for the oral talents of a freak, and a jackass or two, gifts to share for the tasteful delights of the fools Steven 7608512267, Rachel, Sheri, Charles R. Jarrot 7607778998-the drunk drive how many times now? 7603601613, truthful and honest bend cattle, bison and whales on land, at the beach in Ventura, RV campers for the tricks and the trades, dream life for who? ...good times to share for the long runs on the sands of time...... more »


  1. End of story. Common stories of men and women and the state of affairs. of the heart. Since the start of time, one form or another of the same old story.

  2. Oral talents to shine, with the fruits and nuts to go, Steven Jarrot, with the 80 acreas to grow pot, and make a store for the cash to clean up again. Tricks, trades, and fartarts like Danny Georage, and Sheri Jarrot, suckers for the drugs and the dicks to suck. Hairless whale, and bottle blonde whales on land for the good times. and the big mouths, to suck 6 dicks at the same time. Records to break.

  3. BABY BOOMERS: Dicks, Dawgs, Dates,Fun And Games.
    Balls in the air, tails to pin, circles of lovers, nightmares now.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year: Good Times, Spinning Tales, Dicks, Dawgs, Dates. So what is the word, only six to share. Not a lot to be read between the lions. Hopes and wishes to dash, dreams in motion to crash, hits and misses, true lover so hard to find.

    Dicks, dawgs, dates, frogs, freaks, fools, plenty of fish in the seas. Boats to road, ships to sail, good times, fun and games, balls in the air, pages to turn, moves to make. Happy Friday, good times to start, lots of love to share, dances in the dark, dances on the sands of time. Wheels to turn, paths to cross, ships to sail, take my hand, let's take a walk together.

    Mountains to climb, valleys to cross, knights and kings, top of the food chains, good times, bad times, hand in hand let's go together. Lots of love, lots of luck, lots of good times, take my head, and move on together. Let's make a plan or two, why be alone, family and friends to come and go, need a friend for all the rainy dazes to come. Stories to write, about the fish that got away. Happy Friday, and make it a blast, walks on the beach,alone again. Write back, start to build something, dreams, wishes, hopes, plans, trips to the moon and back. Fairy tales to recap.