Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mad Man Undead

Undead and Unstable Still: Hopes, Wishes, Prayers up in the air, thanks to heavevrns, stars above, angels in hosts, like stars at night.  Horse and Pony Shows, Clowns have left, poker playerd to the right. Not a Free Ride. Rides along the way, are just a detour of the things that you would like to do but do not want to take the time to consider, because you are not in control of the pace. It is a matter of letting the cows out. So that the cows can come home, only if they are unable to find a new field of grass, and learn how to talk your way into the things that you cannot afford. It is not just a state of mind it is a way of life for so many. It is not a time to talk about what you know it is about what you would like to know.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Houses for Seasons

Houses for Veterans

Hands Up to assist in home ownership for veterans and section 8 voucher holders, time to come in out of the shadows of darkness couch surfing dazes done.
HAPHousing is a non-profit that provides services and programs to homebuyers including first-time homebuyer counseling and education, down payment and closing cost assistance, credit counseling and affordable homeownership opportunities. HAPHousing will work with you to ensure that you find a home you love and a mortgage you can afford!

For more information, contact Mel Antuna at 413-233-1731 or

Veterans Helping Veterans, back into main steam, and the American Dreams of owning a house, money on the table to pay mortgages, and have help keeping it clean and safe.

Have I got news for you today, it is raining veterans on section 8, and a government program to help them buy houses-and government will help with payments for next 15 years, have more veterans that want to buy houses for the nonprofits. Nonprofits that are veterans helping other veterans, and the fundraisers that we do to raise the funds needed to make the down payments needed on the houses to purchase. What about HUD and REOs do you also have those for sale as well? Have veterans that need to move this month, and would love to work with you on that as well.

Church Located at 2485 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA. 90806:Brent-Event Planner available 24/7: Dog on guyed, secure parking, and rooms/church/garages for rent/lenses. show contact info to confirm events.

I am a 100 percent disable veteran myself, searching for a houses near the beach, have been getting medical treatment from the Long Beach Veterans Hospital, and have lots of programs that will pay me money for using the services. Would love your help in finding 4 or more bedrooms, 2 or more bathrooms, and lot sizes quarter of an acre but best is over two acre, have interests in solar power at the church also, another thing to talk about with Brent at the Veterans Music EXchange-12 Hands of Help-veterans helping veterans. Can you see yourself in the mix with the houses below market for the transitional houses that we are going to work towards in this housing project.

Have second line of products for sale for the holidays, sex toys as a fundraiser, another matter to address with Brent at show contact info for data to confirm.

 We are a 501c nonprofit working with transitional veterans to help them secure benefits, and still looking for team players.

Houses in Long Beach
Houses in Newport Beach

Houses in and around these location desired: 4 or more bedrooms, 2 or more bathrooms, 2 or more space garage, RV parking would be nice.

420 connected, herbs for sale: $125 an oz. of indoor grown buds, and better deals for quarter of a pound for $500. Have grounds to grow more, where are the growers that need land to grow? Target market for the 420 connected people with cards, and the location for more and better to come.

 Thanks for your time and attention to this matter and looking forward to working with you on this housing project for veterans and friends.

Starr Bright tonight, and shooting blue stars in play, hope and help for the veterans, lost and confused, help is here, give up a call.

Follow the Bright Stars Shining Stars Hills and valley go up and down. Rocks beneath the surface slow you down. On trails during the paths taken, you choose. Paths alone your journey or life, you choose. Friends come to lend a hand. Name calling and put downs are never needed. Broken, hurt, and crying for the losses. Hanging on cross, is not a forever thing, thank God. Days are longer without plans, noticeable also? Plans made yours, or others wishes? Hope, wishes, prayers, desires are all equal. Dreams cover plans, not goals while sleeping. Differences dreams last longer, not plans or goals, pieces of a dream in action.... more 

Happy Friday, and happy holiday season, and happy to help , happy to assist, happy to be on the right side of the grave every day of the week. Make it a blast.