Friday, February 27, 2015

Flipping Out ?

Hell on Earth :Jewish White-Stars Okay, great day to be alive and on the right side of the grave, a good day always for me, how about you? Time to remove the mask, or get lost in the mixed, and it is always about control, of course. Email address exchange time, and more details to build the house on sand? Ready to purchase a house, have cash ready to place for down payment, but my credit does not fly yet. Have been very sad about this, and to have loss my tablet to a guy getting over script drugs, and now he wanted to point fingers at someone else for his behavior. Just one case th... more »

Have second line of products for sale for the holidays, sex toys as a fundraiser, another matter to address with Brent at show contact info for data to confirm.

 We are a 501c nonprofit working with transitional veterans to help them secure benefits, and still looking for team players.

Houses in Long Beach
Houses in Newport Beach

Houses in and around these location desired: 4 or more bedrooms, 2 or more bathrooms, 2 or more space garage, RV parking would be nice.

420 connected, herbs for sale: $125 an oz. of indoor grown buds, and better deals for quarter of a pound for $500. Have grounds to grow more, where are the growers that need land to grow? Target market for the 420 connected people with cards, and the location for more and better to come.

 Thanks for your time and attention to this matter and looking forward to working with you on this housing project for veterans and friends.

That is one of the programs that I am marketing for the 501c that need additional help to get off the ground. My title is the Resources Abassador, of the Veterans Music Exchange.

HAPHousing is a non-profit that provides services and programs to homebuyers including first-time homebuyer counseling and education, down payment and closing cost assistance, credit counseling and affordable homeownership opportunities. HAPHousing will work with you to ensure that you find a home you love and a mortgage you can afford!
For more information, contact Mel Antuna at 413-233-1731 or

Tales of a lost veteran, running to a new daze on the right side of the grave. Graves to you and graves to me, busy living large in a blue state of mind. Leana Horne on my mind, running to better friends, racing to the mountain tops, games to play with the boys and girls.

Lessons to learn, and lessons to teach, always a teacher in the world of dreams to actions. Gifts to shine with the lights on, gifts to shine with the morning lights, gifts of words to write of the joys and pains racing rats to the end of the rainbows.

 Light is Better. Help is needed to get back on track, can you help me find the group of frogs of interest in this reply. 

Here is the notice I received on events that started at the beginning of May 2013. Steven Jay Jarrot of Anyway Transportation at locations in RV, alone the shores of the beaches in California,, as he searches for prey now as always, in La Quinta ,CA lives ith his mother of 95 years old. Stole from her just like son Charley, to steal from his old Jewish Grandmother, Sima Jarrot, the kid also stole cash out of bank, as well as more cash,  with $160K out of Daddy's Account when just 14 years old.

Charley Jarrot was rewarded for living, with the cash and Daddy Dearest did not know. Thief  just like Daddy, and Daddy's little girl with out natural hair any longer Rachel Jarrot, of buffalo school in Colorado, home to steers and queers, and now she is a bigger cow to buffalo for the beef.... and Black Veterans main target. Last one gave car to Steven Jay Jarrot, for being a snake, in his dreams, so he stole it just for the fun of it, and the loss was just something that he wanted to do for kicks?. I do not think so Steven can be reached at 7608512267 he will confirm story, he was ticked pink with charms for weak, disable veteran women .

Everyone needs friends to accept them the way that they are, and accept facts that control, and that the one person that you can change is yourself. Have some views that I wanted to share and get a different view or two, so I guess you could say this is my quest for today post. Need to know what the meaning is of truthful and honest.

Turning the page now, bright and sunny day again in the coastal town of Ventura, staying with Uncle Tom in his beach house, have cousins in school in Santa Barbara, and have to finish a degree online as well. Great start, great beginning, going to Disneyland first, have ranch on five acres with horses, mules, and donkeys, as part of a housing program for the 12 Hands of May, and have car washes to do also, the flyers to make, the posters to make and create with bright, and loud colors, just $20 and get a food coupon to feed the family for just $10. That we are doing in Moreno Valley first, on the Second and third of August at Shakey's Pizza Shop on Sunny mead, for the kids over 55, and the acorns and the trees too are welcome to funding housing for the homeless Veterans. See if you can find time to help the fundraiser: Veterans Homes Hearts Heals: for the first, second and third houses to purchase by the fall. Help always welcome: text for more or less, data to go 951 507 9089 Today?

Just a tale of love for each other, dogwood butterflies, and they trip in the sun, back to ground zero. The drive alone the highway number 62, the pair of dogwood butterflies,  flew across the sky, up in the wild blue skies, with a touch of marshmallows in the form of clouds, floating by. Steve and Sima, were the dogwood butterflies, flying back to the mating fields, were they return every year, it has been five years now. The songs that they sing during the day, are the best in the summer, when the fields are fill with the members of the flock. Seasons change and they flew away again, with the babies not far behind them, just part of the time. It is a season of joy, peace and happiness, and the doves are still a close pair, and the right notes needed given and received all day long.

Time to turn the lights on, the sun is setting and the colors are better than yesterday, just my point of view, love to see the flashing colors against the blues, and the yellows that make up the sunset. Different every day, but now the blue stars are out, shooting, Time to wish a pond a star tonight, ready to leave the cities, and found places where stops on traffic are in a distance far away. Look up at the shining blue stars, watch for the ones that shoot across the sky, and make a wish. Wishes, desires, hopes, prayers, causes, seasons, reasons come to play, with the hearts and minds of the angels here on earth, the fairies, pixies, and the ones with wings, birds, butterflies, turtle doves, and etc....Wishes, prayers, desires, changes in the forms given to forms received flip the card, flip the coin, turn around and make more plans for greatness. Create the life that you dream about today with the lights on, just to stay on track always and forever.

Happy and gay, 7607778998- whales on land to date, new house, new car, new bottle blonde bimbo, frog queer .....Sheri Jarrot 7603601613-Queen Cum Drips...Sima and Rachel Jarrot. Take turns for oral delights of Steven Jarrot.  7608512267: Whale of a Gay Guy to date, Fruits and nuts to go, party and play today. / Prince Frogs -Snake in the Grass Alert!!!!!! It is about what is right and what is wrong, to be considered, and how the changes that are needed have to be played out, actions of the frogs and also the cows have to be taken into the big picture also. Time to stand a little taller, and take responsibility for the actions, behaviors, and the talking out of the side of the neck, for the few that may or may not take extra notice,Seven Snakes, Seven by the sea, are just other names for the same person, that this tip is based on.

Hopes for a better day, prey for the fish in the seas, frogs in ponds, games on the water, flips and jumps, games on the water. Ways to go, ways to grow, life on the water, with frogs. Dogs to the bitch, dogs to bark, bitches in heat, dogs in the house, dancing dogs, horse and dogs shows. Nasty dogs, tricks to trade, dicks in lines, frogs to hop, dicks to suck, day jobs, nuts to go, nuts to ducks, water to frogs. Life of dreams, dogs chasing kitty cats, dogs to back, dazes on the water, dazes on the beaches. 

Dogs to bark, dogs to chase the cats, to feel the heat, to feel the life, for a moment in time, the dogs inside. Dog catchers, dogs to run, nets are out for the dogs that are loose, games to play. Cowboys to write, cowboys to run, cowboys to flip, cowboys and their games. Trips to hell and back, trips to the stars in the skies, trips to the mountains to be climbed, glory dazes again, sunny and bright, on the way, to the rainbows, dogs to let go. Have a hand to lend, have a hand to help, houses and homes for the veterans, dogs in the wind, dogs to save, ways to go, need a little more help.

 Blue oceans to create, houses and homes for the lost, veterans on the street, in homes with bed bugs, not the life to keep, need another one, hands to help, hands to write the checks so we can get started. Veterans Housing Matters, projects in the works, over here and overseas, homes and houses to send. Wars to fight, battles to win, moving fourth, this is the one day with a command, to last all year. Every year, keep moving fourth, battles cries, March for wars, March the God Of War, tales to be told. Good times, to you only, only you, the shinning star, not to leave, not to go away, hope for the wishes, goodness and mercy to cum, games on the land, angels to host, classes on love and hate, goat and sheep to lead, to the land of dreams in a frog pond, and other places, plans to be made. 

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