Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Balls In Air, Shooting Curves, Winning Games. Give A Hog A Bones,

Waves to make, ships to sail, dances on the water, knights to shine, stars in the night, wishes and dreams in motion: views and noses, lovers and haters, wales and sharks and tip to share, take a bite out of life. Stay active, keep moving forward. Keep and have a healthy
song to sing, glory dazes to come.
Image result for pigs, hogs, and frogs The best is the come, lovers and hater, fish and frogs, plenty of fish in the seas. Plenty of snakes and frogs in the water, tips and tales, stories of land whales, lots of love, lots of luck, lots of tests over time, pages to turn. ...bite.

 Snakes and worms came out to play, games with hard knocks, back to the beach, for classes on love and hate, tricks and hats, hair and halo, hard to say. Bend and twisted, frogs and snakes, hats of the Jewish Races, Red Moons, Blue Starr, Monkeys to see, races to run, good times, and tales of joys and pains, bumps in the road. Monkeys to dance around the mulberry trees, the dogwood trees, games in the woods. Angels earth bound, angels in airs, earth angels with broken harts, love and loss, love and luck, love and hate, coins to flip, dates on the beach. Tales of red heat, red lights on, lovers of the night, knights and kings, not on the ships of dreams, searching for drama. Hats to hearts, hearts to hands, heat and red notes, lovers tales. Pages to turn. Lights and stars, darkness at night, dreams of dances, lovers for life, songs to sing, games with birds in trees. Wings and winds, birds to fly, good times, dances on the right side of the grave. Notes and stories, bumps with hard knocks, dances in darkness, dances with snakes. Dreams and dykes, dances for dollars, blow jobs to go, lots of love to share, lots of drama with kids, goats and sheep, horns of love on a goat. Dances with dykes, dances for lovers, dances for luck, coins to flip, good times. Uritza Smith | ID True....333SMITH: 333SMITH......lovers and haters, chasing rainbows, dances with dykes, pages of lights on the matter, heats to hearts, kids to play, babys daddy, money to eat, kids and goats, hats and horns, horns to sounds. Tears Of A Clown, Sands Of Time, Smokey Robinson, Birds And Bees. Clowns and fools, singers and songs, dances on the sands of time, Smokey Robinson, great song and dance shows, good times. Kids to grow, gifts of songs to give, Smokey for the goats, love and hate, horns of love, tales to be told. Dances in the desert, dances in the hills, Smokey Robinson for the gifts of songs, time to space, horse and pony shows. Trips to the stars and back, trips to the heavens and back, dances on air. Missing the knights, missing the dreams at night, dances on the sands of time. Tips of lovers and haters, horns to sound, goat and sheep, kids to teach, lessons on time and space, seven snakes to dance. Tales of knights, tales of frogs, takes of snakes, sheep and goats, men to watch. Love my gems, seven snakes, jokes and laugh, stories of joys. Dancing in the dares, dances in the dark, dances for the games of the freaks out at night. Songs of happy dazes, glory dazes done, pages to turn, books to write, good times.

Back in time, back in the day, fairy tales were told, girls in read hoods, to read the stories, to tell the tales of the life in the woods. Girls with wolves, girls with seven men in the woods, tales of pigs and hogs, right and wrong, love of life, love for the hands to hold, kings and queens in place, tales of another time.

Dreams and dykes, dances for dollars, blow jobs to go, lots of love to share, lots of drama with kids, goats and sheep, horns of love on a goat. Dances with dykes, dances for lovers, dances for luck, coins to flip, good times. Uritza Smith | ID True....333SMITH: Times to take a minute, jokes and laugh, not for the poor, cheap tricks to live long. Plenty of fish to the seas, cows and buffalo shows, good times, jokes and laughs, dances on water. Horse and pony shows, rats racing, fish to fry, burgers and cheese, good works,... Pieces of a Dream: Love and Hate, Goats And Cows, Sheep To Feed, Daily Chores 333SMITH.......rainbowtogether.com/member/profile_333SMITH.html I am, female. Butch with a bag of dicks, lots of games to play, lots of lovers to flip, games to play with kids. Sheep and goats, horns to sound, pages to turn. Looking for, female. Your real name, uritza smith. Headline, 333SMITH. Desired Relationship, Friendship, Hang Out, Love. Shit Lover: Rach Jay, Reese, Uritza-Santigo Smith, Rachel Jarrot. sister-wives, pussies to lick, dykes for life. Uritza Smith- YouTube.... Gifts for the future :Jewish White-Super-sized Whales in a tribe that loves to cry the blues about their joys and pains in the history of man. Blame who in the game of fingers pointed at others to blame for the holes in you glass houses. Star Lights:What a wonderful day it is, time to sing a song or two, distant lovers, under the moon. New love, new hearts to beat as one. So I have heard, another fairy tale, something to find when you die. Jesus Christ, Mother Goose Tales, joys and pains of childhood, my songs in the dark. More stories to share, books to write, change the pass woods on domain account. Have to back track in pass views again. Songs to write, movies to direct, grants to give, homeless and displaced again. Veterans to prey, 22 death each day, homes and heat needed, just for the winter lives.
Fairy tales, spiders and snails, Disney love and hate, flip side of coins. Hate and love horns on a goat, one which with lots of years. Bright stars in the sky at night, three witches out one night. Toads birth under stars, hooked and pimp out to party and play, found where they were going to stay. Found a barn, to let the goat out. Bitch had a bastard, Jesus Christ was born in a barn. Cow two born that night, a rat in a den of snakes, sinners and saint. Joys and pains, bumps in the road, roads travels over time and space, life on the upside of dodge, angels in air, birds and bees, songs to sing. Dances on winds, dances on sands of time, life and love, luck and wishes, dreams in the air. Happy and delighted, jumps for joys, games on chances, games on tables, coins and cards, games everyday. 12 ways to grow, coins and cards, luck and love, hats to wear, sunny dazes in the life on the beach.

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