Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sunsets Darkness. Starr Bright Tonight: Balls In Air, Shooting Curves, Winning Games.

Deep inside views, smiles out of place, closets to the tears, growth and expands needed. Fun and games, stars to shine, moons to darkness, tales of lovers and haters....Books to write. Birds and bees, songs to sing, birds in the air, gifts to share.....Family Affairs, Donkeys in the fields, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, Sima and Charles R., and Rachel Jarrot. Snakes and Worms. Once on the beach, fish and frogs, on the sands of time, angels and messages from the heavens, good luck from the seas. Tales of girls lost, broken and alone, in a land of dreams.Sunsets Darkness. Starr Bright Tonight: Balls In Air, Shooting Curves, Winning Games. 
Prince of Jewish Army: King Of Pop, Sounds Of Angels, Singing Birds Frog Rachel: Rachel Butch, Rachel Jarrot, Rachel Cattle caller: History to share, History online. Deletd for fun, snakes in the grass, fags and land whales, nothing to do, killing time, what a crime, daily events to cum suckers. Land Whales herds in water, those are the nice ones, land whales are not quiet the same, comes in all colors, animals under the skin. Nice to be here, nice to think about the growth and changes in place for the new dawns on dreams of greatness. Gifts to share, joy and pains of the bumps in the road, and the pits in the bowls of cherries. Jokes, and song to sing for the good, bad and ugly pieces of the dreams to action. Image to give as a gift to say what, the best frog in the history of Jewish people across the globe, 6 million dead for the dreams of a mad man. Gifts for the future :Jewish White-Super-sized Whales in a tribe that loves to cry the blues about their joys and pains in the history of man. Blame who in the game of fingers pointed at others to blame for the holes in you glass houses. Star Lights:What a wonderful day it is, time to sing a song or two, distant lovers, under the moon. New love, new hearts to beat as one. So I have heard, another fairy tale, something to find when you die. Jesus Christ, Mother Goose Tales, joys and pains of childhood, my songs in the dark. More stories to share, books to write, change the pass woods on domain accout. Have to back track in pass views again. Songs to write, movies to direct, grants to give, homeless and displaced again. Veterans to prey, 22 death each day, homes and heat needed, just for the winter lives.
Balls In Air, Shooting Curves, Winning Games. Pigs and hogs, 
Waves to make, ships to sail, dances on the water, knights to shine, stars in the night, wishes and dreams in motion: views and noses, lovers and haters, wales and sharks and tip to share, take a bite out of life. Stay active, keep moving forward. Keep and have a healthy
song to sing, glory dazes to come. A hoax claiming Brad Pitt has died is making the rounds on Facebook. Don't click on the article, as it could expose your phone, computer and other devices to hackers. Water to cross, coins for the boatmen, dragons and dead heads, valleys and oceans to crows, birds and bees, glory dazes done. Happy dazes again, joys and pains, lessons learned, frogs and fish in the water, notes of bugs and snakes. Happy for the cows, happy for the birds and the bald turkeys, saints and sinners, happy dazes again, glory dazes done. Common Walls, Jails And Prisons, Walls for knights to guard. Nightmares to deal with the fake friends that leave you to swing in the wind, happy to save their own skin, happy to keep heads in the sand. Gifts and talents runs to good look.
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Let's Make Out/Dicks Out of Box Please
Cattle Calling in Desert
Cows,Cattle, And Cattlecalls, Ready for What?
Enought for the Charmed
Game Over
Snakes in the Grass
Image result for pigs, hogs, and frogs The best is the come, lovers and hater, fish and frogs, plenty of fish in the seas. Plenty of snakes and frogs in the water, tips and tales, stories of land whales, lots of love, lots of luck, lots of tests over time, pages to turn. ...bite.Thor: The Dark World Official Trailer HD...Jacks to play. Dates to set, gifts from mom, skills to practice, stars that shine at night. Goodness and mercy angels, friends on high, corrections to be made. Candles in the wind, lights burning low, state of snakes. Time is a wheel, wheels stop at the end of life, time keeping on rolling on. It has been a dream life as far as living blue, but the valleys are still here as well as in the shadows of doubt that still resurfaces to thrown stones at our house of glass in Santa Barbara, and Ventura and Malibu as well as all the little places in the end.

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