Wednesday, September 28, 2016

MAGIC! - Mama Didn't Raise No Fool (Audio)....Just one day out of life...

MAGIC! - Mama Didn't Raise No Fool (Audio)....Just one day out of life, wanted to stop and say, what a great day to be alive. Windows and doors open to a better day, plans and goals in place, joys and pains to learn alone the paths choose, mountains to climb every day. Life is an adventure, and life is a dream in motions, time to work on dreams in action.

Dates Ships Of Dreams, Boats To Float, Dances In Winds, Birds To Fly, Blue Skies.Elephant populations have been decimated in my lifetime. Cows and cattle, hippos too, notes of elephants herds. Whales on land, whales in the water, whales to see, lessons learned another day.

Frog Rachel: Rachel Butch, Rachel Jarrot, Rachel Cattle caller: History to share, History online. Deletd for fun, snakes in the grass, fags and land whales, nothing to do, killing time, what a crime, daily events to cum suckers. Land Whales herds in water, those are the nice ones, land whales are not quiet the same, comes in all colors, animals under the skin.  Nice to be here, nice to think about the growth and changes in place for the new dawns on dreams of greatness. Gifts to share, joy and pains of the bumps in the road, and the pits in the bowls of cherries. Jokes, and song to sing for the good, bad and ugly pieces of the dreams to action. Image to give as a gift to say what, the best frog in the history of Jewish people across the globe, 6 million dead for the dreams of a mad man. Gifts for the future Jewish White-Super-sized Whales in a tribe that loves to cry the blues about their joys and pains in the history of man. Blame who in the game of fingers pointed at others to blame for the holes in you glass houses. 

Star Lights:What a wonderful day it is, time to sing a song or two, distant lovers, under the moon. New love, new hearts to beat as one. So I have heard, another fairy tale, something to find when you die. Jesus Christ, Mother Goose Tales, joys and pains of childhood, my songs in the dark. More stories to share, books to write, change the pass woods on domain accout. Have to back track in pass views again. Songs to write, movies to direct, grants to give, homeless and displaced again. Veterans to prey, 22 death each day, homes and heat needed, just for the winter lives.

There are some many of them that it is funny, how well Steven Jay Jarrot, learned how to blow smoke up others tail ends, and how they all ask for more. So there are more lessons to be learned for the few or the many that think, the Jarrots shit out roses or the flowers of your choice. Crocks, liars, snakes, frogs, or wolves in the hen house are a few of the words to tell the story of this Army of Jewish Mankind.

Beware and know from out of the gate that Steven Jay Jarrot, is a snake, and steals from the poor, disable and the people that have an expiration date because of their life style. Lots of the people have AIDS, Cancer, and kidney problems, and problems with their health that has a time limit on how much time they will be alive. Of course if you have good practices in place for control then you do not have to worry about falling off track around this prince of frogs. The kids that he had, that are still alive and walking in the free world, have stories of being green with very with the lifestyle of dear daddy, Steven Jay Jarrot.

Charley or Charles Jarrot, is a thief, and stolen from daddy $160 thousand dollars from daddy at the age of 14, and daddy was blind to the fact for two years. It was okay, he lied to daddy every Thursday when he came from under the rocks where he lived to get a $200 reward for being alive. Is this a healthy message for a kid born in 1988 to have about father? The reason for the thief was because Charley hated the fact that daddy was a used car salesman, and a professional poker player, and not the normal kind of dad, Steven was not, just like the kids he went to school with, Steven Jay Jarrot was not like the others daddies. Poor baby, Charley had to steal from daddy, and then lie to daddy for two years. And he did not go to jail. Wow, that is the world of the Jewish in this Army.

Moving right alone, now Steven has picked up the pot to sell, and the meth to sell and he picked up another RV and a van to get around in the shadows that he likes to shine in. It is sad that the true colors, of Steven has not come to light yet, but it is coming and soon he will have his days in court. Do you agree with the actions of Steven Jay Jarrot? He took the life of his last victims, and stole her edification more than once to give to Reese Smith 333, so that LLisssa could die, and get buried and planted in an unmarked grave, was the plan for the disable black veteran that wanted to give him a different kind of life. He just wanted the money he assisted her in getting without her, and he had her death set for the first of June. Only he did not want to wait. So it was just another dream of his without a real dead line.

Fish Out Of Water, Tales To Toss, Fairy Tales, Twisted And Weird, Lovers And Haters, Tails In The Winds. Joys and pains, bumps in the roads, trips to hell and back, lessons to learn. Classes on the beach, sunny and bright, cheap tricks, cows, cattle callers, herds of donkeys in the fields.
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