Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bird Calls, Leaders, Lights, Kings, Live And Learn, Coins To Pay, No Free Rides, Fucks, And Turkeys Today.

Impossible is just a small word thrown around by small people that find it easier to live in the world they were given rather than explore the power they have to change it.

More stories to share, books to write, change the pass woods on domain accout. Have to back track in pass views again. Songs to write, movies to direct, grants to give, homeless and displaced again. Veterans to prey, 22 death each day, homes and heat needed, just for the winter lives.Prince of Jewish Army: King Of Pop, Sounds Of Angels, Singing Birds Frog…
Tails In The Winds. Good times, live and learn, lessons every day, love and lights, hate and darkness, small minds, small dicks, small dogs, lovers and haters. Goats and sheep, dancing in the dark, dances with spiders and snakes, dicks and dawgs, bitches in heat, fun and games, dances in the rain.

Words to share, love and hate, one way, the kids to dream. Imaginations at work, running to better dazes, dreams in the air, butterflies to wings, birds and bees, dances on the sands of time. 

Joy and pains, bumps in the roads, lessons to be learn, good and bad, coins to flip, cards on the table, life and death, cards to flip. Deep inside views, smiles out of place, closets to the tears, growth and expands needed. Fun and games, stars to shine, moons to darkness, tales of lovers and haters.
Bird Calls, Leaders, Lights, Kings, Live And Learn, Coins To Pay, No Free Rides, Fucks, And Turkeys Today.  Birds and bees, singing songs, glory dazes done, glory dazes to come, pages in a books, pages to call, chicks, and babes: Paige Jarrot, Paige Pepper, Paige Starr, labels and names, witches and 5 star bitches, lovers and haters, hats and halos, love to come. Thanks for inspiring me to work harder when I'm slacking. Thanks for taking the time to listen to me talk about things I know you truly don't care about. Thanks for being the best workout partner even though you hate leg day and I love it. Thanks for contributing to my love for popcorn and kumbucha drinks. Thanks for reminding me how I much I loved the music from the 80s and 90s. Thanks for coming over late at night if I'm in a sad or angry mood and watching tv with me......

Blue Skies:Sunsets Darkness. 333smith: Seasons In The Sun - Terry Jacks 1974:…
plus.google.com.....Owning my own martial arts studio someday is a dream of mine, the past two months I've been putting my own numbers together to see the a round about price for the whole thing so I can start putting money in for it now, expensive is the only word to describe it. Better start now
Star Lights:What a wonderful day it is, time to sing a song or two, distant lovers, under the moon. New love, new hearts to beat as one. So I have heard, another fairy tale, something to find when you die. Jesus Christ, Mother Goose Tales, joys and pains of childhood, my songs in the dark. 

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