Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Guess he just died of being black. Common Causes:Numbers Removed.Gee, looks like NOBODY killed Freddie Gray.

Guess he just died of being black. Billy Joel - The Longest Time....Common Causes:Numbers Removed.Gee, looks like NOBODY killed Freddie Gray.Views and noses, shots to recap, dicks and dogs, party views, tales to spin. Lovers and haters, tips and tales, stories left, hopes and wishes, angels on earth, hard to say, joys and pains, dances in the rain.
Tricks and trades, time to tell a tale or two. Gifts of words to share, trips to hell and back, with this hell hound, or the family of jackasses in the hills and the valleys, jokes now. Lost in the woods, lost in time, lost for the angels to find, girls lost in the woods, girls with red hoods, fairy tales told. Rach Jay, Reese Smith, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267-husband and wives, dates to frogs.

Nice shot, loved the colors in the sky, have to check to see when I can go in real life. Fish, frogs, and turtles out of the oceans, out of the seas, out of time to bake in the sun. Daily event, life is a beach, for the fish, frogs, and snakes in the sands, or not. Songs to sing, for the longest time, a waste of time, moving up, and moving out, moving on. Pages to book, views at the end of the day, crazy for fee, paid for the over time, pages of rats in races. Good luck, moving up, moving out, moving on, life on the sands of time.

Words to live by, the threats to cut off fingers, and pour acid on faces of angels, fairies, pixies, blacks, veterans, female crazy when stirred mental people for views that are not shared. Good story that had blacks, females, and veterans carting a extra set of fingers. Billy Joel - The Longest Time...Good story about love and devotion from a Jewish and white point of view, just a little love and peace, in the style of Turkeys: Cuban transplants-Sima and Jean Jarrot.

Gay Boat Ride .Constants, Fucked For Life, Crooks....Charcoal Group: Charles R. Jarrot. Frogs and Snakes, Plenty of Fish To Sea, Blue Notes...Blue Lights, Blue Dreams, Winds to blow, horns to sound, birds and bees, in the air, on the seas, songs to sing. Happy songs, high fives, fires on the shores, trips to the seaven seas, and back, fish in the sea. Plenty of fish, birds and bees, blue dreams, fairies, and mermaids, songs to sing, dances on the water, dances all the time.
Boys, Babes, Bitches, Notes Of The Free And Easy, Knights For Rites, Tales Told. 

Snakes and cows, dicks and bitches in heat, party and pay dates, shit in a bag, nuts to go. Dicks in line, dimes to drop, cum and play, faces of dogs, dicks in the hills, games to play, fingers on hands. Coins to flip, cards to flip, faces in the mirror, spiders and snaps, games of love and hate. Faces of snakes, haters and lovers, frogs to dodge, blame games, American Birds, finger on a hand, sit and spin time. Tales to spin, happy dazes again, glory dazes done. Gee, looks like NOBODY killed Freddie Gray. Guess he just died of being black. Common Causes:Numbers Removed.
My Future : Rachel Jarrot, 7608512267-hairless butch. dates fakes friends, fake boyfriends, sucker just like sire.
Time to take a walk, ships to sail, veterans with guns, dates to set, fun and games, wars and battles of wits. Charms and graces, hands to lend a hand, houses and homes, ways to go. Veteran Housing matters, houses to build, homes on the beaches. Thanks for the time served. Lots of love, lots of love, goats and sheep, guns to wars, good and bad, boats to sail, dates on the sands of time. Steven Jarrot,seven snakes alive, tales and history online, 7608512267, seven lies to file. More you say,  back in time, snake in the grass, dates on the beaches. Party and play, dates with dicks, veterans to services, free rides on the face of a frog. 

Steven and Rachel Jarrot, faces of lovers, dances with snakes, games to play, love and hate, love and luck, coins to flip. Love and life, movies to make, sluts and porn stars, gangs of dicks to call. Dates on the sands of time. RV campers to visit with then reply with whatever you want to like to share.

Love and lights, how to move on, third party views, sinners and saints, monkeys to hang. Love and luck, boats and ships, passing at night, loaves of bread, pages to turn, life goes on. Life in the past, history to record, Bailey Robin, stores to tell, lights to turn on. Stars to shames, dames and chicks. Love and loss, ages of dates, classes on dates, pages to turn, lessons learned over time and space. 

Choices made season done, ashes to dead: Bones in boxes, dad. Paul Jarrot, Charles Edward Jarrot, to visit. Death dance dawn at dusk. Family undead, family unstable, mules, monkey, asses, dance of the dead. Toys for the kid, old and young, male or female, fun and games, gifts for the good, bad, and nasty. Freaks that cum out at night, vamps and the undead and unstable. 420 For wet kitty to lick. - m4w - 46 (Ventura) March 13, 2016.

Kid Rock - Welcome 2 The Party (Ode 2 The Old School)

Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, seven snakes, wolf dressed like a sheep, land whale, Jewish Frog Army Leader.

Hard Colors Sales.....Freak Lover Sexy Toys: Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, role plays, hacker, crook and liar. Masters with slaves, party and play mates. Gus and girls friends, foes, sinners and saints buy sexy toys, for fun and games, after the kids are asleep. Freaks , saints and sinners, fools like Steven Jarrot: 7608512267. Nice fake friends, lies for the truth and honesty with rose color glasses. Mistakes made with the whales on land, mistakes made with the fairies, mistakes made with the frogs and the fools.

Regards and concerns, white and black matters, on the mind, today and most of the time. Songs to sing for the masses, songs to sing and dance the nights away, hope hopping searching for places to land. Gifts to share, acts of kindness to give and take, smiles for the mistakes corrected. Earth angels, girls with red hoods, friends in the woods, giants on land, giant knights. Babe asleep,fairy tale, lost for a bit of dumb luck, faces of haters, horns to sounds, goats and sheep. Tales of  lots of fun. Lots of laughs, for a knight of the old schools, baby boomers, the rest are too green.

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